July 27, 2007 § 3 Comments

I was wrong about yesterday. Molly did get bitten by that stray dog. It’s a smaller bite, doesn’t need stitches, but it definitely broke through the skin. It hurts (she bites and growls if I try to touch it), but I managed to get some neosporin on it after muzzling her. The vet said to keep an eye on it for infection. I’m a suck mom for missing it during my initial check on her.

The drama of the day for today? Gas leak inside the house. Yep, apparently coming from our hot water heater. Thankfully a very nice man from AGL came out and solved the problem. He had a little geiger-counter looking thing that beeped louder and more frequently when more gas was present. I explained to him that I’d never even seen a gas water heater before this house.

Him: “What? What do you mean you haven’t seen one?”
Me: “I just haven’t. This is the first one. I don’t even know what those buttons do.”
Him: “Are you from Florida or something?”
Me: “Actually, yes.”
Him: “Oh.”

So he gave me a tutorial on the water heater, plus the stove and oven. He even plugged in the washer and dryer since we still haven’t gotten to that. I should have had him look at the fridge, since that’s apparently on the fritz now, too. Viva la home ownership!


§ 3 Responses to Wrong

  • Michelle says:

    This part cracked me up:

    Him: “Are you from Florida or something?”
    Me: “Actually, yes.”
    Him: “Oh.”

    In Florida’s defense, there are people who use gas down here. My MIL does but only for her stove I think… and when you cook something in the oven, you about have to double the temperature to get it cook in under two hours. I am not joking…;-p

  • duane says:

    You will thank your lucky stars that you have a gas water heater when the power goes out… it still makes the water hot!

    And I am relieved that you got someone smarter than the people who came in to find out gas leak; they used a LIGHTER!!! WTF?!?!?! They could have blown the entire gas line! Idiots!

  • Will says:

    We recently had one of the AGL guys come out and check our house when our stove went out and was burping gas instead of, you know, cooking with it. Very nice guy, with that same cool gadget. I wish I had a cool gadget. I wish I had a PKE meter, like Egon has in “Ghostbusters.”

    What were we talking about?

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