The things we discuss

August 2, 2007 § 6 Comments


§ 6 Responses to The things we discuss

  • Greg says:

    Yeah, we’ve been there… Always good to document them for future references

  • Christi (my womanfolk) and I recently had a conversation about whether Creative Loafing Senior Writer and Atlanta Press Club 2007 Journalist of the Year Mara Shalhoup sweats. I thought no, she doesn’t. Christi thought yes, she must.

    The joys of couplehood.

    Where’s my blogroll link? CLFreshloaf is a good Mingaling customer!

  • mingaling says:

    andisheh – oh snap… fixed! sorry!

  • Michelle says:

    That looks very much like the conversations Moe and I have today… and usually it’s about something I should know how to do but my brain just shuts down when he’s around! ;-p

  • trav says:

    Actually, I think Mara probably only sweats of her own volition.

    And, yes, that conv was cute but unbearable. 😀

  • Hello Kitty Fan says:

    Your cuteness with bobafred makes me want to brush my teeth. But it’s nice, isn’t it?

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