Midtown pajama parties, etc.

October 14, 2007 § 4 Comments

The Atlanta Girls Weekend was a sucess – much more low-key than Vegas, a lot less drunk than San Antonio, and we couldn’t have asked for anything better.

Friday started off with meeting people coming in from the airport, lunch at the Vortex and stopping off at Mac’s for supplies. While hanging out in our hotel, we successfully got kicked out of our first room by 6pm. Nice. However, the hotel staff was nice enough to put us up on the floor with our friends’ three other rooms. I got a peel from our group’s designated Aveda aesthetician , too. We decided to stay in and have a pj party, eat pizza, and had a surprise Ben & Jerry’s delivery via Zifty from one of the girls who couldn’t make it. Sometime during this, the location of the nearest Inserection came up in conversation, and before you knew it we were off in our pj’s to West Peachtree’s shop. Yes, it was a fun night.

We split up into groups the following day, doing mostly touristy things and whatnot. I ended up going to the new World of Coca-Cola with two girls. Wow, what a difference. It’s fancy schmancy and actually fun, as opposed to the old one at Underground where you’re pretty sure you’re going to get mugged and your feet continuously stick to the floor. You even get a souvenir bottle of coke at the end of the tour (after the tasting room where they should also give you a souvenir roll of Tums). I thought it was worth the $15, at least.

Afterwards, I ran the girls over to the Flat Iron in EAV with the intention of getting tats upstairs at 13 Roses. No dice – all I got was an appointment. However, the girls were intent on getting inked so the first place I thought of who’d take walk-ins was Liberty. They got theirs done, and I looked like a total pussy. Oh well. We headed back to get ready for dinner, had a great one at Vickery’s (southern with gravy was a must!) and loved our server Jim, who I’m convinced is the gayest gay in all of Midtown. Love him.

After dinner we stopped at Halo for drinks. It was pretty much too chill and boring, and we didn’t want to go to all the foo foo clubs people recommended, then I decided to go with the tried-and-true. Yep, the Clermont. How else could I share the eccentricity of Atlanta? I seriously love these girls, who I’ve known now for almost 9 years and talk to pretty much everyday. We’ve been through weddings, divorces, births, deaths… I loved having them here, and miss them terribly already, but I’m ready to plan next year’s meet-up. right. now.

An Atlanta tradition


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