Wedding Brain

January 22, 2008 § 15 Comments

So I ventured out to the bridal salons this weekend. Most brides will tell you that this is the most fun during planning and that it’s the most important detail, but having been-there-done-that, I can safely say that anyone who thinks that is just fucking nuts.

The first salon I went to was awesome, though. The owner was so helpful, so welcoming, and there was no pressure at all. I tried on about six different dresses and narrowed it down to two. And then it happened – I was suddenly justifying the purchase of a very expensive dress. How expensive? Oh, the equivalent of the cost our ENTIRE HONEYMOON. Yeah, apparently “wedding brain” is the marriage equivalent of “preggo brain.” Thankfully while putting down a deposit there was something wrong with my debit card (long story for another post). I went home and waited for the holiday weekend to resolve the situation, and then it happened… I realized I was going to be a BIG GIANT ASSHOLE if I was going to spend $3K on a dress. Holy fuck.

So after gaining some sanity, I went to another bridal salon on Monday. What a mistake. This was one of those that had eight billion poofy taffeta dresses lining up multiple racks, with all their tags ripped out of them so you don’t know who designed them or how much they should be charging you. For those of you not married or not owning a vagina, these people are what makes the bridal industry a giant scam of suck. You don’t know who your dress is made by until you *purchase* it, and the prices aren’t given up front because they don’t want you to price-shop among other places. The kicker? I KNEW this going into it. Same thing, different circumstances, but what the hell was I expecting from this place? I could practically smell the crinoline when I pulled into the parking lot. I called the Mr. in a fit and huffed my way back home.

At this point I’m wearing jeans and a t-shirt to the ceremony. Feh.


§ 15 Responses to Wedding Brain

  • meagan says:

    De-lurking in an attempt to help with wedding-dress frustrations…. Have you tried LaRaine’s Boutique in the Highlands? I, too, fell in love with a beautiful dress and luckily realized I was nuts just in the knick of time. Then I went to LaRaine’s and fell in love with 3 dresses (whose prices COMBINED were less than my original favorite). I ended up with a dress I LOVED (that was very “me”) for a price that didn’t make me hate myself. Plus, it’s a smaller place and I really appreciated the attention and service they offered. Just my two cents. Good luck!

  • mingaling says:

    meagan – no I haven’t. thank you for the tip! maybe there is hope after all πŸ˜‰

  • hakeber says:

    Ugh… I feel your pain. The bridal salon you went to on Monday was probably the place that I bought mine. It was so stressful to shop there, but I did escape for an amount that was less than our monthly mortgage payment… which was nice… but still a hell of a lot for a dress that is currently laying in a drawer under our guest bed. Let me know if you need any help!

  • dahl says:

    i almost got a wedding dress from j crew – but ended up returning it cause it fit funny (free return because i could just drop it off at a store). in the end, i got a dress from a local boutique for really cheap in wedding world because it was a standard dress design from the shop, just in different material and a lot longer – its worth checking out.

  • Tiffany says:

    You really should check out Christopher’s on the square in downtown Gainesville. I know it’s a drive but that’s were I got my dress and he (Christopher) is the BEST. He usually meets with you after hours. You have the whole salon to yourself and he is just working with you. No high pressure sales and GREAT prices. I really think you would be happy at that salon.

  • kristin says:

    DEFINITELY the worst part. and that’s saying a lot, because i hated just about every minute of wedding planning!

    my suggestion? if you don’t want poofy (sounds like you don’t), just go to nordstrom’s (or something like that). they have plenty of white, if that’s what you’re looking for, and plenty of non-white but fancy-wedding-worthy.

    and if you’re curious, mine came from a consignment shop. but in CT, so that won’t help you.

  • jo(e) says:

    When I was getting married, a friend who worked at a bridal place told me that stores will sell their sample dresses once they no longer carry a certain dress. So I went to a few places and asked about this, and each place had a couple dresses in my size that they were just trying to get rid of because it was something they no longer carried. I bought a beautiful traditional white wedding dress, with a long train, lace, etc. for fifty dollars. Yes, this was back in 1984, but still … even then that was incredibly cheap for a wedding dress. I know other friends who have done this more recently so I think it’s something worth asking about.

  • duane says:

    Let me know where we are going next!! Also, if I were you, I would go back to the place we went originally; there were several dresses you liked there.

  • ETK says:

    I second LaRaines – I got my dress there (the 3rd one anyway – in an attempt to not spend a million $$ I ended up buying 2 cheapies – and then one I loved that was very reasonable in wedding terms anyway). Wedding stuff is pure hell. I enjoyed it but I’m sick like that.

  • dpb says:

    t-shirt and jean wedding is fine by me … but it’s your call. let me know.

  • Chris Cactus says:

    I honestly don’t envy all a bride has to do for a wedding. Grooms just kinda show up.

  • Michelle says:

    …and the insanity begins! I can’t wait to see the wedding site and I know you’re going to have the best time planning this one!

  • Shasta says:

    You should check out the Paisley Umbrella – it’s dresses, flowers, photography, etc, all under one boutiquified roof in a cute little ole house in Buckhead – paisleyumbrelladotcom…

  • Hello Kitty Fan says:

    I discovered that buying a car sucked less than trying to buy a wedding dress. How’s that for scary. πŸ˜›

  • been there says:

    i recently fell in love with a dress — $2000 in store – ridiculous,
    googled it to find pictures and show mom, found it on for $800.
    They throw in shoes and a veil for free and there a million shoes and veils to choose from.
    My dress is currently being shipped – i was anxious to buy on line but it all came together sooo easily and the customer service was great.
    The trick is finding the dress you love in a store, and figuring out your size. Even if i need alterations – it will cost me much less in the end.
    I picked a maggie sottero gown, loved monique L’huillier styles, and found that maggie dresses were much nicer on. They create the smallest waist of any dress and feel soo nice, not heavy and hot. There are lots of slightly “antique” looks and less poofy looks in that line – which i loved as well.
    I would really recommend purchasing a dress this way. Will let you know what happens when my dress arrives if you would like….

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