New tunes, new hair, & buh bye

April 11, 2008 § 2 Comments

Last night I dragged my upset stomach and fiance to see Colin Meloy’s solo show at Variety. I was in no mood to be out, but god bless Variety Playhouse. I love the chill setting and chairs for old people like me. Laura Gibson opened the show, and I immediately fell in love with her voice. I was literally so impressed by her songs that I immediately went to the lobby to buy her cd. It’s been a while since I’ve gotten a new folk album, so that plus Meloy’s latest cover EP will pass the time this weekend.

Oh, and I can’t stop playing the Feist / Constantines “Islands in the Stream” cover (which is only on 7″ and does not help me at all!). I almost love it as much as the original. Almost.

I also have new hair. Bangs, specifically. I know I’ve said bangs are always a mistake (so are hats), but I think I like them this time. Crazy.

This weekend is also my grad school get-together, so I’ll be flying down to Florida to hang out with old classmates and talk about how old we all are. Whee. And apparently the weather is going to be awful, so no beach for me, but plenty of family stuff (including many photos of my sister trying to avoid baby bump photos).


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