Wedding nightmare #1

April 22, 2008 § 2 Comments

Well, I had my first nightmare about the wedding last night.

It seemed that we apparently decided to get married near a natural springs park (Wekiva, maybe? I vividly remember the image of rednecks floating in tubes holding cans of Schlitz.) Most of the bridal party was there, including our immediate family. Then the person doing my hair & makeup came driving down the dirt path in a pickup with a trailer on the back. (Why a trailer? Did I need that much help getting ready?) I guess after a while, we realized that people weren’t showing up. Then it suddenly hit me – I remembered that I never sent out the invitations. Doh!

The rest of the dream kind of fizzled from there, but I think we were trying to get the park (?) place to reschedule the wedding when actual guests would show up. We were pretty argumentative, even howling at one point. Then I woke up and realized that I was actually trying to tell Molly to shut up since she was whining to go outside.

Interesting start to the wedding dreams (I’m sure there are more to come). And the first thing I did today? Ordered the envelopes for our invitations, of course!


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