Purge and Splurge

May 19, 2008 § 7 Comments

We’ve said from the beginning that one of our goals is to eliminate all the stupid crap that is meaningless from the whole wedding, and it’s made me realize once again how perfectly awesome Brian and I are together. I couldn’t tell you the amount of times we’ve discussed a wedding “to-do” from some list or suggestive person and both yelled “FUCK THAT” and stuck our noses at the idea together.

So there’s been a lot of purging. Hell, I don’t know if I even want to do flowers. I mean, they’re pretty and stuff, but they make the Mr. sneeze and then they’re just going to die. At least I got a dress – that counts, right?. We’ve also had a lot of opportunities to make this event uniquely ours by making and doing a lot of the work ourselves. Yes, it’s common for brides to obsess over details like the invitation, but by god I designed the things, am gocco printing each of the FOUR panels, one-by-one BY HAND, times 150. It’s inevitable that I’m going obsess over whether the paper inserts should be 220 or 300 gsm, so BACK OFF.

However, I am pretty adamant about having one thing for the wedding. I’ve kind of sat there quietly trying to talk myself out of it because the cost is pretty stupidly absurd, but I can’t. There is going to be a photo booth. Sorry, there’s nothing else I care enough to pull for. Luckily, the Mr. likes the idea, too. Yay! It ain’t gonna be fancy, but I’ve basically justified it as such:

1. Brian and I met through Flickr. We are big dorks and love old school photography. Flickr = photos. Photos = fun. Photos + fun + a healthy dose of alcohol = photo booth. Yay math!

2. I don’t want a guest book. For fuck’s sake, we KNOW who’s at the wedding. We’ll be the one counting the rsvps and paying for your asses to eat and drink. Come to think of it, my first wedding’s guest book ended up in a box in the back of a closet in the hall.

3. Because of #2, I think it would be a great way for our guests to make their mark on the event, so to speak.

4. We’re not doing favors. They’re, well… kinda pointless and we’re cheap. Plus, we’re going to be hippies and donate money offset our carbon footprint. But hey, you’re getting photo booth pictures, so suck it! But seriously, you’ll have your photos and I’m sure I will obsess over some crafty paper thing for you to safely store your keepsake photos.

5. Most importantly, we are getting a DVD of all the photos taken in the booth. Ohhh yessss, that’s right, every single one of them. Say cheese!

Lookie, lookie Photobooth


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