Nintendo loves girls

June 12, 2008 § 4 Comments

Last night I was invited by the lovely Tessa to a “Girlfriend’s Guide to Gaming” event sponsored by Nintendo. It was in a pretty gallery in Castleberry Hill, and upon entering I was greeted by the prettiest gamer girls and quickly got over having to deal with traffic downtown.

Lovely ladies of Nintendo

Let me go ahead and preface this by saying the last time I actually played a video game for more than an hour was when I was in sixth grade and it involved some really sleepy chick named Zelda. After a glass of champagne, I plunked myself down at one of the cute little couches and got to play with the DS Lite, which is apparently smaller than the DS not-lite (I got smarts, I tell ‘ya). At each little “themed” station, they had a different type of game. I had the unfortunate opportunity to start at the Brain Age table, which quickly revealed that I have the math skills of a banana slug. I squealed with delight, though, at the word games table.

Puzzle table

Playing with the DS Lite

We also had an opportunity to play Mario Kart and the new Guitar Hero for DS, the latter of which is still not available in stores. I’m gonna lay it out right now – I don’t understand the Guitar Hero craze. It’s not *that* much fun to play what is basically a lab-rat simulation game set to music, but apparently the entire world disagrees with me on this. The one for DS is also pretty difficult – the hand-held controls seem a bit awkward, but that may be due to my giant man-hands more than anything. I quickly eased the pain with few more glasses of champagne, though, so everything was dandy.

Guitar Hero for DS!

All in all, I’d say the evening made me a fan of the DS. It’s small, lightweight, and I love the fact that it’s multi-user via wi-fi. I’m such a crossword puzzle/ trivia geek, and it’s perfect for me to throw in my purse for flights and long train rides. What made me an even bigger fan? THEY GAVE EACH OF US ONE FOR FREE. I shit you not, y’all, Nintendo rocks. As soon as I brought it home, the Mr. checked online to see if there was a Star Wars game for DS (there is) and it’s like a new member of the family:

Brian benefits from my party favor

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