“Who had the fish?”

June 22, 2008 § 4 Comments

I have to admit I was pretty excited about our second foodie group outing. We were meeting at Machu Picchu, a Peruvian restaurant that I’ve enjoyed dining at before. Wow, were we in for a surprise.

The only thing I noticed that was different in the dining room was that 1. the furniture had been moved around and 2. I was greeted by someone who was definitely not Peruvian. Fine, I thought, no problem. Then I ordered a Cristal beer, to which the server started laughing and asked if I was with P. Diddy’s group. Wha? I informed him that it was a very popular Peruvian beer, one that I have had in this very restaurant, and was told that they no longer carried it but I could order a Corona. Another person in our party ordered a glass of red wine, which came out in a goblet over ice. Hmm…

I then asked for a menu (since we weren’t given one even after we got our drinks). We were given one and told to share since they were running short of them (there were only 2 other tables seated in the restaurant), then instructed to order by number since the server was new and wasn’t fluent in Spanish. Totally fine, no problem, in fact that made things easier on us. WRONG.

The food came out and the shit hit the fan. Some of us actually got what we ordered, then the rest of us sat there trying to figure out what they were bringing out. The server kept asking “who had the fish”, and was enraged when we couldn’t answer him. Um, 80% of our table ordered fish dishes! He then proceeded to YELL at us while we were trying to laugh it off. I’m not normally bothered by inept people enough to do anything about it, but it just couldn’t be helped and I had to tell him to calm the fuck down. The owner/manager tried to smooth things over and sent him away, but honestly I would have sent him home at that point. He gave a measly apology before we left, which I discount because he took the opportunity to lay blame instead of responsibility. Lame.

Seriously, it was a totally unreal experience. Never mind the fact that our server was completely ignorant about food service (any service, really) and had the audacity to blame us for his retardedness, but food was sub par and nothing like the wonderful dinner I had on a previous trip. I’m pretty embarrassed at the fact that I’ve ever recommended this restaurant, but hey, that’s the chance you take when you dine outside of the norm. It’s too bad, since my previous experience was so great and exactly what Atlanta needs in Peruvian cuisine. Also bad is that this had to happen to a table of no less than 10 local bloggers and Yelpers.

BUT, the one awesome thing that happened was that I finally got to try leche de tigre “milk of the tiger,” which is basically a shot of all the juices from the ceviche dishes. Drew and I got our drink on.

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