Mapping Starbucks closings

July 10, 2008 § 1 Comment

The Seattle Times has a Google Map dedicated to tracking rumored Starbucks closings around the country. In case you’ve been quarantined lately, Starbucks announced that it’s closing 600 stores in the US, but not naming which.

I feel bad for the employees, of course, and hope they’ll find a way to relocate the majority of them. But did the coffee empire really think it was wise to expand so much? Indie coffee purveyor vitriol aside, it’s obvious that the whole Starbucks thing had gotten a little ridiculous. From my desk right now, I can get to exactly SIX Starbucks locations within 1 mile, not including the fakey ones on campus.

§ One Response to Mapping Starbucks closings

  • Enjoy your new iPhone at Starbucks…

    Tired of driving around to every AT&T store in the metro area or waiting in line at the Apple Store for your new iPhone 3g?
    Sure. We all are.
    At least you can rest easy knowing that your Atlanta-area Starbucks aren’t going anywhere any time s…

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