Denied. Again.

July 31, 2008 § 1 Comment

The moons must be aligned because in 2 days, I’ve managed to be denied.

Yesterday Mr. and Mrs. P’body, the Mr., Dave, and myself were going to do a Junior’s reunion of sorts after work. There we were, getting ready to grab our baskets and wave chicken tenders in the air, until we found out that Junior’s closes after lunch because of summer hours. Yeah, the Tech grads and Tech employee didn’t remember that. Doh! It was fine, though, and we continued our fest over at (where else) Rocky Mountain, where we had buffalo pizza and electric blue colored shots before throngs of undergrads swarmed the place. We had grand plans of hitting the Highlander afterward, but grease + beers + colored shots in plastic cups did me in, and I was the sensible adult who went home and packed for her flight. Whose old?!

Today we wanted to have our last cuban with Kool Korner, only to realize that the previous sign saying that it was staying open until July 31st no longer applied. SIGH. We then had a memorial lunch of fried chicken and cornbread at Bobby & June’s.

I hope they don’t plan on going anywhere, either.

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