DIY wedding: boutonnieres

August 8, 2008 § Leave a comment

Boutonnière is a fancy-pants word for “stuff dudes wear at prom or weddings that they would normally never agree to wear.” I would normally forgo this, but then I was reminded that they would all kind of look like a gang of maître d’s without some sort of accoutrement, so I caved.

I plan on doing my own flowers for the wedding,so I figured that I’d just take care of the bouts myself (especially after taking my floral design class this summer and hearing all the professional florists in there cackle about how much they’re charging unwitting brides and grooms for something so simple). Yet, there is one very big problem with bouts and corsages that I won’t have with the bouquets: they tend to travel and keep very poorly, leaving people with crushed and/or wilted flowers within hours of an event. Sad, since they are so pitiful and tiny. You could put them into corsage “boxes”, which are plastic and keep them from getting smooshed, but then you also have to keep them chilled. May be a tad bit hard when you’re chasing after seven different members of a wedding party.

I did come across some pretty awesome silk ones on Etsy (of course), but after some back and forth, it only inspired me to make them myself after seeing the price tags ($14 x 7 = ouch for something I have little interest in). I’m cheap? So yeah, here we go:

1. Cut florals & decor into small pieces as desired (if using silks, then they just snap off the stems – easy peasy).

2. Attach to floral wire. Pull the floral tape to make it tacky, then wrap around wires and secure florals.

3. Continue wrapping tape down to cover wire. Add more floral/decor if needed, using same technique.

4. Cut wire to desired length.

5. Wrap ribbon around taped stem, securing with hot glue along the way.

Messy workspace:
Work space

Finished product:
Finished boutonnieres Finished boutonnieres

Ta da! I made the bulk of these sitting in Trackside, drinking a Guiness, and hanging out with the girls. It’s really that easy.

    Supplies & cost breakdown:

feathers from a Native American farm in Wisconsin – $3
pack of corsage pins – $2
various silk & dried florals – $14
2 spools of ribbon – $5
floral wire & tape – $4

    Stuff I already had:

wire cutters – $0
glue & glue gun – $0

Total = $28 for total of seven (7) = $3.25 per boutonniere.


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