Obla di, obla da – part deux

December 18, 2008 § 5 Comments

On Saturday morning, I rolled over to give the Mr. a happy wedding day smooch. He went and spent some time with the guys, and after my sister and I tied up bouquets we retreated back to my room for hair and makeup stuff. My stylist was super fun, and we had a great time drinking champagne, watching trashy tv (Real Housewives of Atlanta, no less) and getting ourselves pretty-fied. We also watched the crazy ass weather from the balcony – the rain had subsided, but it was ass cold and seriously windy. We already planned to move the ceremony inside (and rehearsed it the night before), so everything was cool… until I realized I forgot to tell Tori. Oops.

Tori was our designated wedding-coordinator-of-awesome that we hired off her blog. But, true to her super talents, she showed up and totally worked it all out. The ceremony actually took place in the dining room in front of the large hearth, and it all turned out perfectly for our little intimate wedding. We did the photos and everything in the beginning, so I was pretty damn gung-ho by the time the ceremony started. My mom and I entered to John McNicholas playing Mason Jennings’ “Ballad for My One True Love,” the song I knew I had to have played at my wedding when I first heard it. The Mr. was cute as ever in his Pumas, and I loved how it felt like home when I walked through those doors.


The ceremony itself was unique and perfect for us. Having Chance perform the wedding meant so much to us, since he’s known us longer than we had been dating! (and he is now the official officiant of the bloggers since he married the P’body’s) He worked the log sawing into the ceremony flawlessly, as well. It was pretty hilarious to hear the few giggles of people who knew about it, and then see the faces of everyone else as soon as they saw that we really were going to saw a log together. I’m sure there were a lot of wtf’s, especially to those who didn’t listen to the intro or read the programs! Our trusty saw worked well, and the crowd cheered us on to victory.

It was exactly what I wanted: a small, raucous wedding, full of laughter and happiness. So then with the blessing of “may the Force be with you … always” and more laughter, we were husband and wife.



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