Less Than Awesome

March 27, 2009 § 3 Comments

Q: How to impress your husband on his birthday?

A: Surprise him with tickets to the King Tut exhibit (because boy does he LOVE that stuff) and realize when you get there that you bought tickets for FEBRUARY 22nd instead of March.*

Enter the next two weeks of blargh. Work has been hellish, crafting has been a pain, and I’m waking up in the morning as if I’d never hit the sack. I’m forgetting a million things and screwing up another couple hundred. Oh yeah, Lando has not been doing his homework and I’m about to win the Suck Parent Award at doggie school this Saturday. Awesome.

Thank jebus I have a very very understanding husband who likes to cook, buy me wine, and tuck me in. I didn’t even have to bribe him, so I bought him a new Wii game as a prize. See? Being nice to me has some benefits!

*And of course, I still bought more tickets and went. I love that guy, dontchaknow?


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