Cake Day

June 15, 2009 § Leave a comment

Today is cake day at work, when we celebrate monthly birthdays.


There is no escaping cake day. First you get an email saying that it is cake day, then the receptionist will come by your desk and ask you for money. You are always expected to show up (because you have nothing better to do). If you do not show up, they will not start cake day until someone goes and finds you to participate.

There used to be singing at cake day.  Not the group “happy birthday to you” singing, but the one person volunteers to serenade the birthday suckers people while the rest of us awkwardly sit there.  CREEPY.  But after many protests from one… ahem… individual in particular, that has stopped and now there is an awkward speech congratulating the birthday folk for not dying and making it just one. more. year.  Congrats, people.


If you even think about missing it, there is no cake-to-go. If you are in a meeting you may be able to get cake remnants, but that chance is slim especially if the grad students get to it before you do.  Wiped clean, people.

This is how we do cake day.


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