Stand by your (wo)man

August 13, 2009 § 4 Comments

A few weeks ago I noticed something odd with Molly.  Okay, to be fair she is rather odd all the time, but this was particularly odd.

Molly is not a snuggler.  Transitioning to a dog with a new personality was hard.  There was Sam, a snuggly, fluffy, warm golden retriever.  And then there was Molls, a finicky butt who’d rather be outside chasing chipmunks than be a lap dog.  A tad different.  (Lando, however, is our cuddly lap dog.  A whopping 60 lb. lap dog, nonetheless).

But something changed, and Molly will not leave my side.  It started gradually.  I’d be in the kitchen washing dishes or something, and she’d immediately come over and not only stand next to me, but lean on me.  I’d start to cook something, and she would try to wedge herself between my legs.  She even hijacked Lando’s bed to sleep on my side of the room.

Weirdness.  Then Mr. mentioned that he thinks Molly figured out I was pregnant and was trying to protect me.  It all made sense now.  My baby psycho mutt thinks she needs to protect me.  Too cute (and slightly annoying).

Molls the Protector

Molls the Protector


§ 4 Responses to Stand by your (wo)man

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