September 13, 2009 § 2 Comments

We decided to take a trip for just the two of us before the baby’s arrival (a “babymoon” as they’re calling it now), so off to Maui we went!  The last time I was in Maui was almost 10 years ago, and I was glad to see that it was still perfectly the same – peaceful, serene, and unspoiled.  Plus it was the Mr.’s first trip to the Hawaiian islands, and I was happy to be the person who introduced him.

We flew in overnight and awoke at sunrise (damn time zones) to this gorgeous sight:

Our hotel was located on Black Rock, one of the best snorkeling spots on the island (convenient when you’re 22 weeks pregnant and don’t want to spend any time on boats!).  We spent a few days just relaxing, sunning the belly, drinking fruity drinks, and snorkeling with giant sea turtles and sting rays.

Though our intentions were to totally relax, we devoted one day to explore the west coast of the island.  We definitely wanted to skip the Hana Highway’s tourist cavalry, and instead chose the remote mountains and coast toward Kahakuloa.  We stopped at several places along the way, including seeing the Dragon’s Teeth, Honolua Bay, saw the Nakele blowhole up close, took a dip in the Olivine Pools.

Nakele Blowhole

Nakele Blowhole

The blowhole was a sight to see.  Several people got up close to get a shower, but I was too hesitant to get that close to the hole (see below as a testament to my, um, gracefulness).  This is also where my husband was standing on the edge of a cliff above the ocean one minute, then gone the next.  Normally I’m a pretty level-headed person, but when I called out his name about 5 times and still couldn’t find him, I started freaking out and imagining myself as a single mother.  But I found him, who was on the other side of a large boulder and couldn’t hear me through the wind and crashing waves, and I didn’t have to make that phone call to his parents to explain how stupid we are.  La phew.

Olivine Pools

Olivine Pools

I did have a silly mishap at the Olivine Pools.  Almost all of the coastal sights we visited included hiking down to sea level (anywhere from 50 to 150 feet) on rocky slopes without designated trails.  I kinda impressed myself by actually doing this several times at this stage in my pregnancy.  I’m not huge, but you can’t miss the fact that I have a belly and my center of gravity is definitely off.  Anyway, I made it up and down (slowly) these cliffs several times.  Once we got down to the Olivine Pools, on completely flat and level ground, I slipped into one of the shallow pools of water right onto my butt (when you’re pregnant, you instinctively aim to fall backward) .  Luckily my bag didn’t get soaked and our phones were fine, but my camera got fried.  The SD card was still readable, though, so this is where my photos ended – thankfully the Mr. is less clumsy and it wasn’t the DSLR.  Eh, that’s life, and then we jumped into the deep pool for a swim!

So my pictures ended there, but our adventures didn’t.  We drove through the crazy one-laned highway on the cliffs, stopped in Kahakaluoa village, and continued through Wailuku and looped back around to Ka’anapali.  We spent the next day in Lahaina and Pa’ia, and even picked up a little souvenir for the baby.  Call me crazy, but I think this kid is taking after his/her mom and is happiest in the ocean and away from crowds, so this was just perfect.  A fantastic trip with my best guy… couldn’t ask for more.

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