MILFCon 2009

October 15, 2009 § 2 Comments

St. Louis collage

You know those annual girls weekend get-togethers that  I take every year?  Well, they were sort of interrupted by my wedding (which a few still made it) and some big anniversary trips last year.  I personally have made Chicago, San Antonio, Las Vegas, and Atlanta (duh).  This year a few of us got right back on schedule and headed to St. Louis, where our good friend AK lives and was a marvelous hostess.

This year was especially interesting since three of us are pregnant at the same time (and at different stages), so it was fun to finally catch up with them and see the bellies in person since we all live so far away from each other!  Plus, one of us *just* had a baby two months ago (and obviously couldn’t make it).  I think we counted about 20 1/4 children among us!

Our usual ritual is to arrive on Friday, which is designated pajama party night.  Totally low-key, we ordered pizza, and management had to tell us to shut it.  Typical.  Then sometime during the night we were designated as the MILF Convention. (I finally get to be the “M”!  I realized after knowing these awesome ladies for the last 10 years, that I am the last person to have my first child.  Whoa.)  Pretty soon the hotel staff and even complete strangers were referring to us as that, so it worked.

It was also my first time to St. Louis (aside from being in the airport), so we proceeded to do the touristy thing and saw the Arch.  I was totally fine with just going to take pictures of the Arch from outside, but the other preggos wanted to go up to the top.  But seriously, we were in lines (to get in, to buy tickets, to go up) for what seemed forever, but it was totally worth it to see Susanne’s face when she realized how tiny the capsules were to go up!  Claustrophobia is a bitch 😉  All in all it was pretty cool to be up top.  It was cool how it sort of sways back and forth with the wind (up to 4 feet each direction), and I got some pretty good shots of the city.

It was so good seeing my girls again, and I duly warned them of the multiple “HELP ME” phone calls they’ll be receiving once the baby gets here.  bonus – no hangover on the flight back this year!  And next year we’re heading back to the west coast – whee!

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