Old school

October 24, 2009 § 2 Comments

Old school

This week I picked up a moleskine journal (yes, with PAPER) and am filling it with notes to the baby.  I never really understood people “talking to the baby” in utero, but I know that it can hear our voices and sounds now.  I don’t exactly have conversations with it, but I have been reading it stories (this is pretty awesome) and am guilty of sticking an earbud into my belly button when Mastodon shuffles onto the iPod.  No, I am not kidding.

Journaling is showing me how technically dependent I am on a keyboard, however.  I feel like the pen can’t keep up with my thoughts.  Not that I have immensely astounding thoughts when I blog (“dear internets, I haven’t pooped in a week” may have been a shining literary moment for me), but maybe I was a very slow girl back in middle school since that had to have been the last time I actually wrote in a journal.  Boys!  School!  I hate my parents!  Ah… the tragic life of a preteen.

I am enjoying writing to the baby, however.  I may casually say things to my belly every once in a while, but here I can write complete thoughts and discussions that I want him/her to be able to read when it’s older – about how excited we are now and will be in the coming weeks, as well as watching him/her grow up, how sad I am that my father isn’t here to experience this, etc.  I’m not talking Cartesian Dualism or anything, but it’s a start, right?

§ 2 Responses to Old school

  • Joanie Johnson says:

    I was at the Save on Crafts website and saw your beautifully decorated cupcake stand. Nice job!

    I just wanted to send you a comment about your blog and writing notes to the baby. My husband and I sent a birthday card (mailed with the postmark) to our little girl every month on her monthly birthday until she was one year old. We shared what she was doing that particular month, what her favorite toy was, what we were most thankful for about having her, etc…the birthday letters are still sealed and unopened. We plan to give them all to her when she celebrates her 18th birthday….

    Is this your first child? If so, advice for labor…..focus, focus, focus I counted down backwards from 40 every time a contraction started and it saved me….and I did it without drugs….even though this was not my plan! My babies came too fast…

    Good luck to you in January!

    P.S. About the birthday letter, we regretted not sending a monthly letter until she was two…SO many changes still happen that second year also for her to read about in the years to come….

  • mingaling says:

    The birthday letters sound like such a sweet and wonderful idea – thanks!

    This is our first. Thanks for the counting tip re: labor – we are newbies and will take all the advice we can get 🙂

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