October 28, 2009 § Leave a comment

There’s nothing like coming home to the scent of vomit and poop.

Unfortunately for him, the Mr. got home first to find Lando boy in his crate covered in crap and puke.  When he tried to get him out, Lando sprung like a jackrabbit and dashed all over the house leaving a trail of poo prints behind him until the Mr. could get him out into the yard.

The boy has such a sensitive stomach, unlike his sister who has a belly made out of steel.  I’m sure it’s because the sweet little dumb ass eats god knows what out in the yard, JUST LIKE LAST TIME THIS HAPPENED (yeah, we’re pretty experienced at this now).  Thankfully we still had meds leftover from his last trip to the vet.

Poor thing had to stay off of food and water for a while, though, and made the most pitiful faces (much like ours when we were stripping the sofa cushions of their poo streaked covers).  Nothing like a night of bleaching, stripping, washing, bathing, swiffering, and drying!

Poor baby
The boy snuggling with his piggy

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