Childbirth 101 and Tacos

November 24, 2009 § 1 Comment

Last Saturday we had the enviable pleasure of sitting through a Childbirth Education class at Piedmont for 8 hours.  EIGHT.

The Mr. sheepishly stated that he was not thrilled about it, as if I would chide him for that.  Honestly, even I didn’t want to.  We had already watched this dvd set via Netflix, which was seriously very good and informative (just try not to get too irritated with the nurse’s stupid jokes).  But the main reason we went was that this was hospital-specific info. vs. generic info.

The best part was the actual live birth videos.  The room instantly turned into a middle school class, with the guys “ugh”ing and grossing out.  The dude directly in front of me looked like he was going to vomit and/or pass out, and literally had to look down at his desk for the remainder of the film.  The Mr. was a champ, but that’s probably because he loves gory horror movies anyway.  I mean, come on guys, it only comes out one of 2 ways – and neither is going to be pretty!

After that it was pretty fun.  Plus, watching the dvds previously helped us know all the answers ahead of time, which we love because we’re smartasses.  But if you’re a) a guy and b) want to know the acronym for TACO – you’re probably going to lose your appetite – which is even more awesome since we walked over to Uncle Julio’s and had tacos during the lunch break.  Also, the L&D nurse was pretty funny & awesome, and I kinda hope she’s there when I spawn.


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