Second Honeymoons

December 23, 2009 § Leave a comment

While we had a glorious honeymoon abroad immediately after our wedding in 2008, we did something a little non-traditional shortly after we returned.  We had a second honeymoon – right here at home.

It was the perfect decision for us, as the wedding & Mexico concluded a week before the Thanksgiving holiday.  We threw our tanned selves into our pajamas, cooked our favorite dishes, snuggled with Molly, and watched movies from the comfort of our sofa.  We spent almost every waking minute at home, our home, which felt even more so of a haven that we created for ourselves.   We are such homebodies, and we love every minute of it.

This year, we have several weeks off together before the baby’s due date.  We’ve gone on our babymoon and several other trips this year, but are happily parked in Atlanta and spending our days and nights together again (and Molly and Lando are having a field day with all the attention!).  Our home is filled with music, baking, playfulness, and laughter while we await our child’s arrival doing our favorite things – another second honeymoon.

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