December 26, 2009 § Leave a comment

This was too cute not to share – our adorable baby memory book & keepsake set!  I remember when my sister was born, and my mother received a baby journal with these little stickers that said “first steps” or “first bath” that you would affix to an accompanying calendar.  I remember being a little jealous and disappointed that I hadn’t had something to record my “firsts,” so maybe this is why I ultimately wanted something like this for our baby.

The illustrations are fantastic  – almost like paper cuts – and so folksy and a-freaking-dorable.  It was such a relief to find something outside the normal pink and blue and alphabet animal spectrum (good lord – isn’t there enough of that crap?!).  The linen hardbound book has pages to be filled in and spots for pictures to be pasted, capturing all the little details for the little one’s days from pregnancy through the first birthday.

In this digital age, I figured all of our baby’s big moments would be preserved on Flickr, this blog, or some other media, but I worried all the tangible things would be lost.  Then I read Chris’s post about how different this generation is going to be, and I felt even better about purchasing this memory keeper.  The drawer section comes with labels and differently sized glassine envelopes for the hospital bracelet, first hair cut snippets, and more.

The Petit Collage Deluxe Baby Book and Memory Box is available from Chronicle Books and Amazon.

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