January 10, 2010 § 1 Comment

The best New Year’s Eve I’ve ever had was spent in the maternity unit with my husband and newborn.

When the doctor asks you if you want to see the placenta, always respond with a resounding YES.  That shit is totally unreal, even if you were the one getting it tugged out of.

Not having an epidural or other drugs turned out to have immense benefits, namely walking and peeing without assistance immediately.  Oh, and that 48 hour adrenaline high was nice, too.

I spent the 15 minutes immediately after birthing apologizing to everyone in the delivery room. If you were a patient at Piedmont on December 30th, I am sorry for all the screaming.

Newborns are transported around the unit in these loud, clanging metal dessert cart things with plastic bassinets on them.  A parade of metal carts can be heard down the hallway from the nursery, which resulted in me shooting upright and looking for my baby every time (even if she was in her cart right next to me).  I’ll never be able to hear a dessert cart again without looking for a delicious baby in it.

The ice pack maxi pads and fishnet panties provided by the hospital are your friends.  Love them.

Sitz baths are funny souvenirs.

Breastfeeding is very strange, yet very easy and comfortable to me.  Pumping is just strange, though.

How two goofy looking nerds made such a beautiful little girl is absolutely astounding.

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