One month

January 28, 2010 § 4 Comments

One month old!

I can’t believe it’s already been one month since she arrived.  I sometimes have flashbacks to that crazy race to the hospital and sprint of a delivery, and it seems so unreal at times.  But then there are the memories of the three of us in that hospital room, learning about each other, spending every waking moment watching her and being in awe of her presence… it’s almost as if she was always here.  She was in our hearts, at least.

The following homecoming tested us even more as newbies to this gig.  Thankfully she is patient and kind (and only gives us the stink-eye every so often).  We’re learning her quirks, her quips, and her habits (for example, will sit in poo forever, yet will scream bloody murder the minute she pees).  There have been many nights of laughter to (thankfully) balance out the moments with anxious tears.  I can accomplish many things one-handed now, and I’m an expert in living off of sleep in 2 hour increments.  My days with her have gone from pure fear (of being alone with her and not knowing what to do to) to planning our daily adventures and book readings and other fun things.  I’m starting to get the hang of it, and hope my little supervisor approves.

And though I tease her that she is most likely to be an only child when her daily antics begin at 5:30 am, she really is the best thing that ever happened to us.  Ever.

§ 4 Responses to One month

  • Annie says:

    She is beautiful. Welcome to the Mommy train. It is a bumpy ride, but the journey is what it’s all about. Also, if you are at a month, you are right – You are over the hump. It gets easier from here on out, with only moments of despair and indecision and fear that you are screwing them up.

  • mingaling says:

    Thank you! I have hope that it will get easier from here on – we’ll see 😉

  • jaimes says:

    She’s beautiful! There’s nothing like getting to know your own child. Even at one month, she already has her own personality. She’s lucky to have a mom who is paying attention to all those little quirks.

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