An Underestimation

May 20, 2010 § Leave a comment

Lately I feel like I’ve been caught off guard with the baby, as if I haven’t been paying attention or something.  I can’t help but see (or, rather, miss) that she is learning new stuff at the speed of light.  When she started rolling over, it was really just one roll in one direction.  Yet within a day, she was rolling back and forth all over the place.  Now she’s so grabby and holding stuff really well (like my hair – ouch).  And then there are the times when I come to pick her up from daycare and am completely blown away.

Yesterday I scanned the room and didn’t see her in any of the bouncers or swings, but the teacher pointed her out and I find her holding her head up (eee!) and playing in an exersaucer.  MY baby, this little tiny little lump of love, spinning around in an exersaucer already! It was as if it was just yesterday when she was completely immobile and dependent on me for everything, and now she just entertains herself.

I feel sort of like a crap mom for underestimating her skills, but I guess it’s sort of a protective reflex in a way, like still cradling her head even though I know she’s fully capable of holding it upright.  And yesterday I was just bemoaning the fact that she hates facing inward in all (5) of our baby carriers, and that I could not wait until she can hold her head up and face outward!  But instead, I guess I need to worry about her focusing on calculus.

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