Piedmont Park Fountain

June 16, 2011 § 3 Comments

My friend Birdtracks suggested I take the little one to the new Legacy Fountain at Piedmont Park. I had no idea it was being built, but I’m sure glad I took his advice.

The area is on the far north side of the park, yet easily accessible from the parking deck.  I have to admit that I haven’t spent much time at Piedmont lately.  I used to walk over there all time when living in Midtown, but now we have so many great parks near our current home that it sort of escaped me that all these renovations were going on.  The park looks amazing and there is so much more to it now – the dog park is huge and the parking deck is awesome.

Last Sunday was a scorcher, so we decided to venture out and splash around the fountains.  Mia’s never been to a proper sprayground.  There is a little fountain at our neighborhood pool which isn’t really the same, so this was a first for her in some way.

Yay summer!

She stayed away from the big fountain in the middle, but she was delighted to have the little ones that were just her size. She walked from fountain to fountain and stuck her hands in them, plus had fun watching the other kids play. I think she’ll build up some courage and brave the bigger ones soon!


The fountain area is equipped with restrooms to change in, as well as a refreshment cart. There is seating along a stone wall and some stone benches, but there’s also plenty of room on the grass. Have fun!

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