Sew Happy

December 21, 2011 § Leave a comment

I was never a Home Ec girl.  I dabbled in crafts like every other kid, made a few less than stellar creations in Girl Scouts, but I wouldn’t consider myself a rising star in any of those things.  The worst of it was sewing.  I remember those nights my mother would sit there yelling at me because I just could not figure out that damn machine.  Bobbins?  Threading?  Tension?  Stitch length?  All went in one ear and out the other.  I had given up on the machine so many times that I taught myself how to sew nearly everything entirely BY HAND.  After years of this, I am a pretty masterful embroiderer.  But could I sew a simple piece with a uniform stitch?  Nope.

So I’m solely going to blame Pinterest on this growing desire to start sewing again.  I mean, look at all the preeeeety pictures!  How can you resist?  It became addictive and just intensified to the point of signing up for my very first sewing class.  Luckily, Whipstitch had one available and I was off to a 4-week sewing 101 course.  It was a little intimidating at first, but the sheer difference being no one was yelling at me from behind in a thick Chinese accent.  For three hours a night, once a week, we were tasked with various projects using different techniques and I was really doing it!  Okay, so not everything was stellar (I sometimes sew like a drunken sailor – what’s a straight line?), but holy shit this stuff was looking good!


I have since signed up for a holiday stocking class (see photo above right) and I have another knit-sewing class in March.  While I can’t say the process isn’t entirely stress-free, the payoff is certainly worth it and I really do feel like I’m creating something pretty and functional.  So I’m sorry mom – I should have listened to you (again).


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