The Cutest 2 Minutes EVER

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Little Swimmer

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We introduced Mia to swimming right when she turned 6 months.  We’re lucky to have a great neighborhood pool close to the house, plus a membership to the indoor one at Tech.  Being from Florida, swim skills are extremely important to me and I want to make sure she is comfortable around water and is able to swim at an early age.

We started swimming classes at Agnes Scott College a couple of weeks ago and she is doing great!  She seems to enjoy being in the water.  She definitely likes to kick and wade and chase after toys in the water, but she certainly takes swimming very seriously as you can tell by the look on her face.

Back float
Look at that determination!

Grab the wall

This past week we did a little more back-floating, which she tends not to like so much. And we took our first underwater plunge – thankfully no crying!


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Miss Short Stuff is finally tall enough to touch the floor and jump in her jumperoo!

6 months!

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I know what you’re thinking … “Um, is this thing on?” I’ve been busy, y’all.  BUSY I tell you!  Doing, er… stuff!  Yeah, raising a kid and all.  Mmmhmm.  It’s sort of the predicament when one of my non-parent friends asks what I’ve been up to – you know.  Stuff.

But the big news is we’ve made it to 6 months and no one has one lost their mind (me), gotten frustrated (him), or lost patience (her) with it all.  In fact, I have to say that the last few weeks (despite a few rough bits) have been exceedingly awesome.

Mia is just a doll right now.  She has become very cuddly and even publicly acknowledges that I’m her parent when I pick her up from daycare (even though I do not have the beard).  When she was tiny she hardly ever wanted to snuggle against me for more than a few minutes – now all of a sudden she must have some loving before naps or she will yelp to no end.  It’s such a strange contrast to how independent she was as an infant, but hey, I’ll take what I can get!  She is very active, flipping back and forth like some exotic legless creature and itching to start crawling.  Unfortunately she is not quite ready, so her version of this is a sad attempt to do the worm and flailing her arms about as she screeches.  Charming!

We also took a trip down to Orlando to visit with my family.  Mia was a trooper for the long car ride and did not implode upon contact with the humidity (the Mr., on the other hand, melted into a puddle immediately).  She had a great time at grandma’s and snuggling with her aunt and cousins, which also allowed for a lot of mommy time (wine + naps = AWESOME).  We even took her on her first trip to the beach.  She did so well, though she was certainly more interested in the sand than the water.

She has started solid foods, which is a lot of fun now.  In addition to breast milk, she gets oatmeal cereal and various new organic fruits and veggies.  It has been a lot of fun to try new things and combos with her.  So far she loves mango, banana + avocado, pears, and peas.  She is not a fan of carrot or yams.  I have kept up with my promise to taste everything that she eats, and I can definitely say I don’t blame her for a lot of her opinions.

Low points include us getting sick.  A lot.  Baby got a nasty cold, which then turned into a double ear infection.  I can now truly understand what it means to be a parent when you’re faced with an ill child and your every thought and emotion is consumed with worry and pray that she’ll just. get. better.  When she would stop crying from the pain and fall asleep, I would go lay down on the bed exhausted and instantly have the urge to call my mom and just say “Thank you.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.  I had no idea.”   I just fretted over her fever and obsessed over her temps.  Poor thing got so used to a thermometer being up her butt she hardly noticed it.  The Mr. and I got bugs as well, including pink eye for myself.  Yeah, I could have done without that in my life fuckyouverymuch.  Mia is also teething and has all that comes with it, including drooling, rashes, pain, and sleeplessness.

But even with that, things are just … great?  Mia also has a new baby cousin, we celebrated the Mr.’s first Father’s Day, and love visiting with the grandparents.  We laugh and play and have adventures, then some days we just chill out at home and… well, I know it sounds stupid to write over and over again how wonderful things are, but I just can’t imagine us being happier.  And now I kind of think she feels the same way.


The Story of the Avocado

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Okay baby, let’s do this!

Okay baby, let's do this!

Sure, I’ll give it a try.

Sure I'll give that a try.

Gah! Wait, no no…

Gah!  Wait, no no...

No, seriously. Do not want.

No, seriously. Do not want.

WOMAN, get that crap away from me!

WOMAN, get that crap away from me!

Now THIS is what I’m talking about.

Now THIS is what I'm talking about.

Awww yeahhh

Okay, now I'm happy.

Breastfeeding 101, the “duh” and “duh-er” version

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As a new mom, breastfeeding was the single most daunting task to me.  You can prepare and practice other things all you want with a (borrowed) baby, but you don’t exactly lactate until the real deal happens.  Luckily for me, she latched on perfectly and we never had any problems.

Traveling around with a breastfed baby worked out pretty well early on, too.  I would plan ahead and make sure I had a bottle ready to bring with us because I thought it would be easier, but I soon found that prepping the bottle was difficult.  See, her highness likes the temperature to be *just so*.  I learned this the hard way when she was 4 weeks old in a Borders of all places.  There she was, PISSED because the bottle was too cold and it wasn’t heating up fast enough and clearly making sure everyone knew about it.  And despite me thinking that the children’s section of the bookstore wasn’t a “suitable” place to feed her, I threw my cover-up on and fed her right then and there, wary of suspicious eyes and hoping no one would mind.  And guess what?  Nothing happened except that my baby was happy and I quickly realized that there really isn’t an un-“suitable” place to feed her. DUH.

I often throw on the HH on out in public.  Not so much for me (you all obviously know I am not modest), but I know it makes other people uncomfortable (surprisingly not just men!).  When feeding the girl the other day at a friend’s home I had my HH on because there were a bunch of people there, and her daughter and a friend came up asking what I was doing.  I explained to them that I was feeding the baby, and they asked why she was covered up.  I was dumbfounded and had no good answer for them.  Why?  Because there isn’t one!  They asked why she was under there and if they could see me feed the baby, and I was just so touched by the whole situation.  These two adorable girls may just be moms one day, and I felt like I was setting such a shitty bad example covering up an obviously natural and normal situation.  I wasn’t in a crazy public place (not that it matters!) and had no reason to cover her up. Plain and simple.  DUH.  Again.

So here I am, reminded to take my own damn advice that there isn’t really a reason to bottle feed or cover up when it’s not necessary.  I never really thought I’d become such a breastfeeding advocate.  I always figured the crunchy-hippies were a little too gung-ho about it (I’m suspicious – so sue me) and I wasn’t planning to do it for too long, but now it’s become something incredibly important to me and I hope to continue it as long as needed.  I know it’s still fairly controversial right now (I know many of my generation were not breastfed as it was uncommon in the late ’70s), but maybe by the time those girls are moms it won’t be an issue at all.*

50 Reasons for Breastfeeding Anytime, Anywhere

* Non-Mom Bashing Disclaimer:  Please note that I personally know dear friends who are either unable to breastfeed or who have chosen to not breastfeed their babies, and this is by no means any judgment upon them or others.  It is one of the most personal choices you can make, and everyone’s situation and child is different, and I am just thankful for having the option to choose to do this for myself and child.

Nonplussed about shopping

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