Magnets rule

February 27, 2009 § 4 Comments

Magnets rule

I have purchased about 3 of these easy magnetic strips (from Paper Source) for the office, work, and home. They have short and longer versions, and they basically have double-sided tape and stick to any surface, anywhere. So much nicer than a bunch of post-it notes!

This week I finally realized that I needed one for the kitchen. We have a very nice fancy cookbook stand that folds up for storage, but this is the perfect solution for holding up recipes that I’ve clipped or printed out. And no more food splatters on my recipes!

Dear Anthropologie

February 4, 2009 § 3 Comments

Dear Anthropologie,

Damn you for all your finery and cuter-than-cuteness. Thanks for making me salivate over the faux pas known as shabby chic, which I eschewed until we met.

Screw you for adding awesome home goods in addition to clothes I can’t afford or shoes that are too small. And your “sales” – discounts on things I should already know are still way overpriced – are a joke.

Fine. Take all my money.

Your Bitch

Baby Molls and the Great Fence

February 3, 2009 § 4 Comments

Since we bought the house, we’ve been intending to put in a fence. Unfortunately, the desire to have said fence was overcome by the actual cost of the fence. If you haven’t seen our yard, it’s huge. Seriously-gigantic-for-an-intown-yard huge.

But this past week was THE week for the Mr. to be a rock start dad and give Molls her fence (not to mention how freaking excited I am to not walk her in the freezing early hours of the morning anymore!).

Do you think she is happy about it?

She was running from bobafred on Vimeo.

And this is just a little note to everyone who told us we could “totally” do this ourselves:

  • Hell. No. 263 feet of fencing is ridonkulous.
  • Not to mention the trees and bamboo needing to be cleared.
  • I’ve seen your fences.
  • Holly Jolly

    December 5, 2007 § 3 Comments

    Sorry it’s been scarce around here. The thing is that I’ve been busy… well, um, let’s start at the top.

    The day after coming home from Orlando for Thanksgiving was spent in pajama’s and food and snuggling on the couch, at least until I declared that we should get a christmas tree. So off we went and got the prettiest 6-footer that was up and decorated within the hour (and finished with the tree skirt I made my very own self, with only 2 meltdowns thankyouverymuch). We’ve also hung lights on the house, put up the stockings, and planned ourselves a holiday fete. Yeah, it pretty much looks like Kris Kringle puked in our house and I LOVE it. You can say what you want about the holiday, but if the glow of candle light, sweet treats, uninterrupted time with loved ones, music, food, love, and warmth don’t appeal to you, then I only can feel sorry for you.

    I’ve got myself at least 5 holiday albums on random in my ipod, the shopping is almost wrapped up, and have become the annoying co-worker whose got a poinsettia and holiday gnomes outlining her desk. I even uploaded the Firefox Tinseltown theme! All my weekends are filled with holiday parties and I haven’t freaked out (yet). Hey, it means less grocery shopping, right?

    So yeah, if I’m not posting it’s because I’m on the couch eating clementines in my pj’s and watching Christmas specials with my two favorite furballs.

    Obligatory house photos instead of a real post

    August 28, 2007 § Leave a comment

    Master bathroom after

    End table

    New table

    And now I’ll be going back to sitting on my ass and eating bon-bons. Or fixing holes in walls. Or whatever.

    Hey look, another boring home improvement post

    August 13, 2007 § 3 Comments

    What mayhem have I been up to as of late?

    Nothing. Unless you want to count the mini-meltdown I had when I realized I was a pint shy of finishing painting the wretched master bath? I’m this.close to finishing though, and I just spent another billion dollars on bath hardware. It should look completely different. I know the suspense is killing you… pictures soon, darlings.

    Oh, I also bought a bigger bed and a small dining set (but in this color). House + furniture = good.

    Another thing: why are all my choices of ceiling lights reminiscent of boobs? I swear, I feel like I should be asking the guy at Lowe’s “excuse me, in which aisle are your lighted teets located?”

    boob light


    July 27, 2007 § 3 Comments

    I was wrong about yesterday. Molly did get bitten by that stray dog. It’s a smaller bite, doesn’t need stitches, but it definitely broke through the skin. It hurts (she bites and growls if I try to touch it), but I managed to get some neosporin on it after muzzling her. The vet said to keep an eye on it for infection. I’m a suck mom for missing it during my initial check on her.

    The drama of the day for today? Gas leak inside the house. Yep, apparently coming from our hot water heater. Thankfully a very nice man from AGL came out and solved the problem. He had a little geiger-counter looking thing that beeped louder and more frequently when more gas was present. I explained to him that I’d never even seen a gas water heater before this house.

    Him: “What? What do you mean you haven’t seen one?”
    Me: “I just haven’t. This is the first one. I don’t even know what those buttons do.”
    Him: “Are you from Florida or something?”
    Me: “Actually, yes.”
    Him: “Oh.”

    So he gave me a tutorial on the water heater, plus the stove and oven. He even plugged in the washer and dryer since we still haven’t gotten to that. I should have had him look at the fridge, since that’s apparently on the fritz now, too. Viva la home ownership!

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