Tis the season to choose your greetings

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A few weeks ago we had a family photo session with a photographer that I met through my local mom’s group.  Danielle was wonderful.  And it was the first time I had been to Lenox Park, despite the Mr. having lived right around the corner many moons ago!  I really love the fresh look of her photos (plus she even got Mia to laugh and smile for a few photos – truly a miracle).

This, of course, begins the very important task of choosing holiday cards.  Then I got an email saying Shutterfly was having a blogger promotion – post about their cards available and you get some freebies.  I’m not a sucker for any deal, but I like Shutterfly and have used them for many things from calendars (they make really nice gifts, and oh so convenient for the grandparents) to really nice hardcover photobooks as well.

So back to cards:  the problem is that there are just too many cute christmas designs to choose from!  I did quickly narrow it down to one photo, flat cards (come on, I love you and all but I am not writing little notes to each of you.  Signed, Lazy).  Then I narrowed it further to cardstock because I just think the photo paper is too cheap and I’m a paper snob.  Shutterfly has also added a bunch of vintage-looking cards with retro fonts and such, including this one that is super cute:

Decisions, decisions!

It’s all relative

February 1, 2010 § 2 Comments

A few months ago, a Monday morning would have included over-educated adults crying about nothing & everything, plus massive amounts of emails and other shit being thrown up at me.

Now Mondays consist of an infant crying about 1 of a total of 3 things, plus actual vomit thrown up on me and the occasional pile of shit.

Guess which one I prefer?

One of those 365 Projects

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There’s so much that I am thankful for every day, and even more this Thanksgiving.   I’m breaking tradition from making an annual list, but my friend Amber said it best:

“When you can’t possibly name everything you are thankful for you know you are blessed.”


Anywhere but here

June 18, 2009 § 3 Comments

My mind is elsewhere every summer.  Atlanta summers are … ugh.  I hate it here this time of year.  At least in Orlando, I could escape the suffocating humidity with a quick trip to the beach.  Here?  Nothing.

So these trips are what I’m looking forward to in the next few.  Until then, consider me checked out.

Swimming in Juniper Springs

Planting my ass at Black Rock Beach, Maui

To 2008

December 31, 2008 § 4 Comments

I don’t really have much to say in regard to a year-in-review post.

So many good things have happened this past year. One year ago today, the Mr. asked me to marry him. Our little family of three brings me such comfort. That comfort was most needed in the hard times this year as well. Loss of loved ones, the loss of jobs, uncertainty… as in everything, the good is tempered by bad. What’s important is solidarity and support, and I am blessed to have that in such abundance that’s brought such sublime happiness that I could not have imagined.

I guess my only resolution is to continue on the path that took me so long to find. I’ll be following my heart, holding my head high, and removing myself from things which don’t allow me to do so. It won’t be easy, it never is, but I have what I need to be free.

Happy New Year to all of you.

Tweets for 2008-11-05

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  • watching history. #
  • listening to fireworks. or gunshots. hey, it’s georgia. #
  • hearts Juan Williams. #
  • is getting married in 10 days. holy crap. #

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