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Added a little sparkle to my nails this round – ring fingers only.  Like?


Bye, bye virgin hair

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Can you believe I haven’t colored my hair in almost 10 years?

“Mama! Mama has purple hair!”

“Yes, baby – do you like it?”

“It’s so cuuuuuuuuute!”

“Thank you!”

“Mia want purple hair TOO!”



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Brian: I’m tired.

Lori: ME TOO 😦

Brian: we’re so old.

Lori: My theory is that if we weren’t getting gangbanged by bullshit all day, we’d be perfectly energetic right now.

Dusting it off

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I’ve been thinking about this blog for the last few weeks. This space has sat empty for a good while now, and it hasn’t really been clear to me what I was going to do with it. I know everyone yelled FAIL at the thought of me becoming a mommy blogger (including me!), but be assured that isn’t going to happen. Shit – I hardly have time to do anything but just BE a mom some days. Yet the minute I think about permanently closing up this space, I get very uneasy. I like it here. I like having it. I like writing… not just to you, but to me.

I’ve got stuff going on in my head and maybe it will look pretty here. Let’s see what happens.

Egg Hunt

April 19, 2011 § 4 Comments

Mia’s first Easter Egg Hunt took place this past weekend at the home of one of the lovely ladies that I met on a local mom’s group online. She opened up her beautiful home to almost 70 parents and children!

Mia wasn’t so sure at first, but once she saw some of the shiny plastic goodies she knew this was a good thing!

Ready, set...

Daddy lends a hand:

In the basket

Ugh, wretched balloons. She had developed such a fascination with balloons lately, and you know how I feel about balloons… I am TERRIFIED of them. It all stems back to a birthday party I attended as a little girl overseas and a balloon was filled with something other than helium.  It got too close to the birthday cake and exploded, burning the birthday boy severely. I know chances are that will never happen again, but I can’t stand them. And now she loves them. Sigh.

She loves balloons.  Sigh.

We had such a great time at the party, though, and it was good to see everyone!

First Easter Egg Hunt

Natty Narwhal

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It’s coming!

The next version of Ubuntu is coming soon

Day 14: Things I love about…

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Day 14:  Things I love about __

Day 10: Wishlist

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Day 10:  Wish list

Day 9: Favorite Sites

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Throughout the years, I’ve had a menagerie of different sites that I frequent daily.  They constantly evolve depending on what is going on with me at the time (wedding planning?  job hunting?  lonely? happy?  pregnant?  motherhood?), but here is just a smattering of the regular mainstays:

Gmail (duh)


TeuxDeux (a new discovery – LOVE it.  so simple and elegant)


Doodle (priceless for work)



Married Me (on

This Fish

Que Sera Sera

Miss Doxie


Smitten Kitchen (and before when she was just Smitten)

Fresh ink

February 23, 2011 § 1 Comment

During our honeymoon in Playa del Carmen, I saw the most wonderful dia de los muertos art in the local shops.  Since then, I’ve always wanted to capture the image of a bride and groom in that likeness to commemorate our wedding.  But life happened, time passed, we had a baby – so it took me a while to get into the shop.  Thankfully I found a wonderful artist right around the corner from me and I finally got it done.  I love it!

New tattoo

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