Day 12: Weekly Rituals

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I won’t say that I’m that ritualized (yes, even for an OCD Virgo), but there are definitely things that happen on a regular rotation in this house.

Mon: …

Tues: …

Wed: …

Thurs: …

Fri:  Take out night.  Usually pizza.

Sat:  10am Yoga class,then Gymboree with the little one.  Lunch with drinks on a patio somewhere. Grilled deliciousness for dinner.

Sun:  Plan meals for the week. Grocery shopping. Macaroni Sunday (ie. pasta night).  Always.  The Mr. makes it the best.

Hmmm…yeah, we live for weekends around here.

Day 10: Wishlist

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Day 10:  Wish list

Day 9: Favorite Sites

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Throughout the years, I’ve had a menagerie of different sites that I frequent daily.  They constantly evolve depending on what is going on with me at the time (wedding planning?  job hunting?  lonely? happy?  pregnant?  motherhood?), but here is just a smattering of the regular mainstays:

Gmail (duh)


TeuxDeux (a new discovery – LOVE it.  so simple and elegant)


Doodle (priceless for work)



Married Me (on

This Fish

Que Sera Sera

Miss Doxie


Smitten Kitchen (and before when she was just Smitten)

30 Days of Lists

March 9, 2011 § 1 Comment

A friend forwarded this blog challenge, 30 Days of Lists, and I thought it was a great idea.  I’m a typical Virgo and LOVE making lists.  Like love it in an almost unhealthy fashion.  In high school, I use to write a to-do list on a post-it note every single evening and stick it on my alarm clock.  NERD.

Although I started a couple of days behind, I’m enjoying the daily prompts thus far.  There is a Flickr group, as well.  I’ll make up the other days in between, but here are the ones I’ve completed:

Day 8: What’s in your bag?
Day 8:  What's in your bag?

Day 7: Blog goals (ding ding ding!)
Day 7:  Blog goals

Day 6: Words you hate
Day 6:  Words I hate

Day 5: Weekend Goals
Day 5:  Weekend Goals

Day 1: A little about myself
Day 1:  A little about me

Baby hates furries

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I noticed an ad on PBK’s site regarding live appearances with Peter Rabbit with story time, activities, etc.  I thought this would be a nice excursion for us this weekend.  We were actually the first ones to arrive, even before the store opened, and waited patiently with some coffee and Mia finding random open electrical outlets on the mall’s floor.

Apparently she loathes such photo ops.  CASE IN POINT:

Mia didn't realize she wasn't supposed to punch Santa in the face...

I guess I really ought to stop trying these things with her.  My sweet baby is more likely to run up to a ferocious pit bull and gleefully say “doggy!” than deal with any costumed children’s character.  At least this keeps us from having to go to Disney any time soon!

Fresh ink

February 23, 2011 § 1 Comment

During our honeymoon in Playa del Carmen, I saw the most wonderful dia de los muertos art in the local shops.  Since then, I’ve always wanted to capture the image of a bride and groom in that likeness to commemorate our wedding.  But life happened, time passed, we had a baby – so it took me a while to get into the shop.  Thankfully I found a wonderful artist right around the corner from me and I finally got it done.  I love it!

New tattoo

Sunshiny Day

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It has been a huge blessing that the last few days have brought us sun and warmer temps. I can surely say that it’s lifted all of our moods and getting us out of the house to enjoy it.

No autographs, please

No autographs, please…


Oh Hai

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So it wasn’t exactly intentional to celebrate this blog’s 7th anniversary by going on hiatus for 2 months.  But hey, we’ve been busy!

  • We celebrated baby’s 1st Thanksgiving and Christmas
  • Survived a trip to Florida with one cranky baby + a husband with a nasty cold and pinkeye
  • Celebrated her 1st birthday
  • Had a yucky and thankfully short bout of eczema
  • Got snowed in for an entire week
  • Celebrated Chinese New Year
  • She said her first word (“Doggy!”) and started walking

It’s been an exciting couple of months here at the homestead, and we’re so happy and grateful for every crazy ass minute of it.  I love my family, what can I say?

Mia’s First Christmas

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November 30, 2010 § 3 Comments

Speaking of anniversaries… it’s been 7 years since I started this little blog of mine.  Can you believe it?

I very distinctly remember the day I was sitting in my office and opened my very first Blogger account.  My how things have changed through single-dom, dating, loving, hating, happiness, sorrow, marriage, and now children – such a wild ride!  Through it all, I’ve had this little blank space to vent, voice, and paint with bits of my life… and I’ve loved every minute of it.