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For so much. For everything.  For these guys. For you.


Thank you for being in my life.


November 23, 2010 § 1 Comment

For our first anniversary, I was a good 8 months pregnant and in no mood to do anything except have a lovely dinner and go straight to bed.  Needless to say, I planned on something a little more adventurous this year.

I surprised the Mr. with a little weekend trip to Athens.  Being a former bulldog, he had wanted to get back to UGA and explore the quaint little town for a while.  We stayed at a fantastic hotel and had an amazing dinner at 5 & 10, sprinkled in with some strolling through the streets of downtown.

Athens is gorgeous, especially in the fall.  You’d like it.


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The family and I flew up to Boston this past weekend to attend Lynn & Ted’s wedding.  Lynn is the Mr.’s super gorgeous and sweet cousin, and Ted is awesome (though beardless now) and Mia’s biggest fan.  We just saw them here in September for my sister in law’s wedding, and now it was their turn!

Mia did pretty well on the flight up there, despite some rough patches.  She and I have the same attitude toward turbulence – it blows.  But she had some work to do and engaged in the available wi-fi and some Yo Gabba Gabba!

Always hard at work

We flew into Logan and drove out toward West Groton. Boston traffic sucked, but we eventually made it to the hotel and met my in-laws there. Grandma and Grandpa were happy to see her, and we got to see her start cruising for the first time in their hotel room!

The wedding was lovely (once we finally made it there after getting lost a million times) and we were so happy to formally welcome Ted into the family. We then headed to the reception at a gorgeous restaurant that was a converted barn – the scenery was breathtaking, and Mia got to practice “What does the cow say? Mooooooooo” many times over.

Lynn & Ted
Lynn & Ted

Mia finally kept her promise to dance with the groom (she had promised Ted a dance at my sister in law’s wedding, but she had already started snoozing before she could do so!).

Dancing with the groom

Speaking of snoozing…

The party animal passed out

We had a wonderful time. They even had a photo booth set up, as they said they were inspired by the one at our very own wedding!

Lynn & Ted's Wedding

First Halloween

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Or nerdoween if you will… and with two costumes!

Me and Dr. Crusher

Lil pumpkin

Tis the season to choose your greetings

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A few weeks ago we had a family photo session with a photographer that I met through my local mom’s group.  Danielle was wonderful.  And it was the first time I had been to Lenox Park, despite the Mr. having lived right around the corner many moons ago!  I really love the fresh look of her photos (plus she even got Mia to laugh and smile for a few photos – truly a miracle).

This, of course, begins the very important task of choosing holiday cards.  Then I got an email saying Shutterfly was having a blogger promotion – post about their cards available and you get some freebies.  I’m not a sucker for any deal, but I like Shutterfly and have used them for many things from calendars (they make really nice gifts, and oh so convenient for the grandparents) to really nice hardcover photobooks as well.

So back to cards:  the problem is that there are just too many cute christmas designs to choose from!  I did quickly narrow it down to one photo, flat cards (come on, I love you and all but I am not writing little notes to each of you.  Signed, Lazy).  Then I narrowed it further to cardstock because I just think the photo paper is too cheap and I’m a paper snob.  Shutterfly has also added a bunch of vintage-looking cards with retro fonts and such, including this one that is super cute:

Decisions, decisions!

Lunch fail

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There are days where I feel like I need, oh, just 10 extra HOURS to get everything accomplished that used to be easy-peasy back in the day, but today didn’t seem like it.  In fact, I felt kinda like a bad ass.

I had a million and one errands to run during lunch and crossed that shit right off my list:  grocery run, pharmacy, post office, Target for baby this/ baby that/ omg we need TP, etc. etc.  Damn Gina, am I good or what?

And when I sat back down to stare at the 832 emails at my desk I remembered something:  I forgot to eat lunch.  FUCK.

Six Feet Under

October 19, 2010 § 3 Comments

The Mr. and I had a date night on Sunday to try out our new babysitter (who is awesome and wholly deserving of another post).  It was a gorgeous night, so we headed over to Six Feet Under’s rooftop patio for drinks and munchies.

Seated directly across from Oakland Cemetery, we noticed there was one grave people kept flocking to and getting their pictures taken with.  It was an odd location for a “famous” grave (literally backing up to Memorial Drive), so we were really curious.  We continued with dinner and drinks into the dark evening, yet the caretakers had not closed the gates yet.  So what did we do?  Of course we did.

I had never been in Oakland at night and I have to say it’s even more fascinating and spooky.  I loved it.  And the grave?  Well here ya go:


She’s Crafty: Halloween!

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Holy hell it’s been a long time since I made something!  Guess having a baby takes time and all…

Something about Halloween this year really got me back in a crafty mood.  It definitely helps that I have a little human to dress up and entertain now, too (sorry Mr., she’s way more cooperative when I dress her up!).

I definitely wanted to decorate our porch despite our serious lack of trick-or-treaters.  I saw some really cool wreaths online and in stores, but they were pretty pricey – $30 and up!  I read this post on how to make your own and was inspired,  so I went the DIY route and made this for $9 total:
She's crafty: my $9 wreath

All I needed was a wreath, spray paint, and some little icky creatures.  I picked up the creatures from Target and hot glued them.  The bats glued on just fine, but the mice and spiders are made of this stretchy material which just didn’t adhere to the glue at all, so I wired them with some fine gauge floral wire and hung a couple spiders with fishing line for that extra web effect.

Wreath: closeup

The best part is that because the spiders and mice are squishy, they also wiggle when the door moves – awesome.

Wreath:  closeup

Inside Out Day

October 1, 2010 § 2 Comments

Yesterday was Inside Out Day for the little one. She turned 9 months old – as long as she baked inside of me (plus a few more days, but who’s being nitpicky).

Inside out day

I am constantly amazed at how awesome every single day is with her. She has grown so much: 17 pounds, 7 ounces, plus 6 teeth and counting! She’s crawling and standing, and she just babbles away constantly. It’s almost impossible to believe that she was so tiny and helpless that very cold night we brought her home.

Happy Inside Out Day, pumpkin!

The Cutest 2 Minutes EVER

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Zipping around from mingaling on Vimeo.