The lost posts (ie. what I’ve been doing instead of blogging)

October 16, 2006 § 5 Comments

Holy crap, it’s been a busy week.

To start things off, work has been kicking my ass.  Like seriously putting me through the grinder.  Thank god for fall break (albeit mighty fucking short, don’t you think?).  And to top that off I stupid stupid stupidly agreed to do some more freelance work… I know, but the dollar signs looked so pretty.  Crap.

Other than hearing my brain cells continuously pop like bubble wrap at work, the weekend was pretty freaking fabulous.  First we’re having gorgeous fall weather – I could seriously live year round in sunny high’s in the 60’s.  Friday night Duane, James, and I went to see Kathy Griffin at the Ferst Center.  I have to say I’ve not seen so many gays gathered in one place during my whole stay here in Atlanta – hot!  It was like pretty boy eye candy heaven.  And Kathy was hilarious.  My voice was totally hoarse from screaming with glee.  I also got a flat tire tire on the way into the show (yes, we changed it after the show – priorities!).  Duane turned out to be a great mechanic.  I was extremely helpful at supervising and taking photos.

Ta da!

Saturday was an all-day soiree, starting with lunch at Highland Tap and out back to Steinfest in VaHi.  It was, um, good people watching.  I was chaperoned by these two fine gentlemen, who were kind enough to let me have all their beer tickets.  Suckers. 

Tough guys

And thanks go out to the gentleman at Everybody’s
who was nice enough to buy us a round of drinks.  I think his aim was
to continue fueling the insanity of this trio, but whatevs.

Afterwards we headed to my place, picked up the boy, and headed to the Tabernacle to see the Yeah Yeah Yeahs.  It was my first time seeing them live, and I have to say the show was awesome.  They played a fast and furious set, and oh my god do you people know how much I want to be like Karen O when I grow up?  I WANT.  Seriously.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs


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